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Stained Glass

This is a six week stained glass course. You will complete two lead came projects during the class. You will learn all of the techniques and principles of cutting glass to fit it together. You will also learn pattern making, lead assembly, soldering, glazing and how to hang the finished projects. The Class is an $80.00 instructional fee, materials will be extra. We encourage you to purchase all of the additional materials at Busy Beaver.

Age(s) 16+ 


We offer many different classes in this category. They are all fun and have their own flair. You will learn the basic principles of how glass reacts when heated to such temperatures that it becomes molten and bonds together. All of the glass, tools and kiln work is included in these classes. You will have to stop by a week after class to pick up your artwork. Age(s) 13+

Intro to fusing

$60.00: During this session you will create two 7” plates. The first will be a creation using stacking techniques to give the illusion of a shadow. There will be three designs to choose from to create this artwork. The second will be an original design from you.


Fused 12” Scene

$70.00: During this class you will layer glass to create an image with depth and color. Some ideas are: flower garden, sailboat, waves or a hot air balloon.



Fused Glass: Dichroic Jewelry

$40.00: During this class you will create a couple of fused glass pieces with dichroic glass accents.


Fusing with Layers

3 week course

$140.00: This three week experience will take you through learning the different effects you can achieve when we layer fused glass. During this series you will create three plates each using a different layered technique.


Fused Modern Block

$65.00: In this class you will create a plate using colorful glass to create a modern pattern.



We now offer fused glass get togethers! If you are looking for that special activity for a creative birthday party or a ladies night out, look no further. We can accommodate 10-12 guests depending on what fusing you would like to do. Contact Kathy for further details.
(937) 4293920

Bubble Wave Plate

$65.00: This class focuses on bright colors and the element of dimension. The plate can be completed in several different color combinations.


Rambling Rainbow

$48.00: During this class you will create your own colorful rainbow. Display stands are extra.


Snowman & Holly

$55.00: During this class you will create this adorable 7” snowman plate. As an added bonus you also create a holly plate to compliment your snowman.



$40.00: This fun fused piece can either be done as a wall hanging or a plate. His shell design is up to you!

Age limit on this class 8+

Penguin Parade

$40.00: You will create two adorable penguins in this session. One for you and one for a friend!



$74.00: This is a two class session. You will create a variety of ornaments. Some of your choices will be: star, christmas tree, snowflake, melted snowman, reindeer, icicle, and dove.


Winter Plate

$55.00: During this class you will choose to create either a gift package or winter trees plate. As an added bonus you will also create a holly plate to compliment your holiday plate.




This is open to kids of all ages! Children under the age of 8 must have a guardian helper.

Create a gift

$38.00: This class encourages our participants to create a keepsake for someone special.


Hand print

$38.00: during this session we will create a lasting memory. Preserve this moment for a lifetime.


Painting Classes

$80.00 instructional fee: This class will take you through six weeks of learning fine painting skills. You will learn techniques from brush strokes to blending. During the six weeks you will paint strawberries, daisies, and two landscapes. You're materials are additional to the class and we encourage you to purchase all of the additional materials at Busy Beaver.


Basket Weaving

$34.00: Guest Instructor Darlene Collins will spend this three hour class teaching a Williamsburg Small Market basket. All of your materials and supplies will be provided.



$22.00: Come in and learn the art of Japanese Braiding. Your materials and a starter length of cord will be provided. At the end of the session you will take home your Kumihimo disk and eight bobbins for you to be able create many cords on your own. After completing the cord you can make many beautiful items with it.



Jewelry Classes

During our jewelry classes all of the equipment that you need will be provided. Age(s) 10+

Dangle Earrings

$18.00: While creating this beautiful pair of earrings you will learn the basics of chain maille jewelry.


Shaggy Bracelet

$22.00: This fun flirty project will be customized to you. You will have options for your beads and your jump ring color. Make one for you or a gift for someone special.


We offer jewelry parties. Come out and create something special while laughing with your friends.


Stained glass angels

$46.00: These beautiful angels are perfect to make for the holidays. You will learn basic stained glass cutting techniques. The angels will be completed with lead came soldered together. This is a two week class.


Hairpin Lace

$38.00: This two session class you will learn how to create this beautiful lace. It is the combination of a hairpin loom and crocheting. An understanding of crocheting is a plus. Class includes yarn, loom and hook.


Kids Straw Weaving

Age(s) 511

$15.00: During this class the students will learn the basics of weaving while they create a belt. The class includes the straws and one ball of Deborah Norville’s Everyday yarn.


Knitting With Friends

$12.00 per session. This twenty square afghan is made with a different stitch for every block. We are starting out with the basic stockinette stitch. If you have never knit before, come join us on block one and progress over time. We will offer one block every two weeks. Additional material are required and we ask that you purchase them at Busy Beaver. The patterns suggest that each block be completed with Encore worsted weight yarn and size seven needles. The book is $7.00 and serves as our guide for this project. Come join us on a block that you would like to learn or come knit with a friend on every block.

Block’s will be on Friday’s 2-4pm


Intro to knitting

$25.00: During this class you will learn all of the basics of knitting while you create a knit scarf. The class includes two balls of Encore Bulky yarn and size 10 needles.




Beginner Socks

$45.00: This three week class will take you from a beginner knitter through a pair of cuffdown house socks. The class includes two balls of Encore worsted weight yarn and Clover bamboo double point needles. Come in have fun and create thick warm socks for yourself or a loved one. Basic knitting skill are required.


Toe Up Sock Knitting

$58.00: Ever wanted to explore sock knitting and find a better way to personalize your sock size to fit you? This toe up sock knitting class will give you the opportunity to learn the tricks of provisional cast on to sewn bind off and all of the steps in between. During this three week class you will learn how to make a beautiful ribbed sock. The class includes sock yarn and Clover size 2 double point bamboo needles.


Knit Baby Hat

$38.00: This two session class will teach you all of the basics of hat knitting by creating this adorable baby hat. One ball of baby beenz and two sets of needles are included.


Double Crochet Scarf

$25.00: During this class you will learn all of the basics of crocheting while you create a double crochet scarf. The class includes Encore Bulky yarn and a crochet needle.


Private Lessons available for either knit or crochet. $22.00 for a two hour lesson.

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Book Stained Glass Classes!

Book Fused Glass Classes!

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